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Cash Rewards for Your Perspectives.

As a survey panelist, you directly impact what products and services launch next by contributing opinions that guide global brands’ innovations.
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You've come to the right panel!

Start steering brand improvements and earn cash rewards. Become a TGM Panelist today!

The TGM team links everyday consumers to major brands hungry for feedback.

Because your opinions directly influence product innovations, companies from around the world partner with us to better understand customer needs and wants. Take advantage of this impactful opportunity and participate in our paid surveys today.

Our short, game-like surveys make it fun and simple for busy people to drive progress in their free time. Provide candid perspectives from the comfort of home - no experience required!

Why is TGM Panel the right platform for you to share thoughts?

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Use Down Moments, Collect Money. Complete quick surveys and earn up to 3.63 USD for each.


You can share openly knowing we take privacy seriously. TGM Panel guarantees your personal information and survey answers remain protected and anonymous.


It's free to become a member - no payment details required. Plus, you can opt out of our community anytime with no questions asked.

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Share perspectives from anywhere, anytime. Our mobile-friendly surveys let you weigh in effortlessly via smartphone, tablet, laptop - whenever it fits your schedule.
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The more surveys you complete, the sooner you'll meet our 12.50 USD cash out minimum for fast PayPal transfers or gift card payouts—whichever you prefer. Start now!
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Leading brands turning to us fuels innovations aligned with customers' needs and desires. Your voice paints an authentic picture of gaps and opportunities to drive better solutions.
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Let's Earn with Opinions That Drive Innovation!

The TGM team links authentic consumer perspectives with leading brands across 100+ countries seeking to resonate ethically across diverse cultures. Prominent companies collaborate with us, hungry for qualitative insights to better serve overlooked populations.

Your input through quick paid surveys fuels progressive innovations tailored for people like you. By weighing in, you enact positive global advancement – lifting up communities worldwide.

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Your data security is critical

tgm panel protects your privacy from every possible threat
We avert data threats by securing systems against all vulnerabilities
No spams will be sent
Joining our list will not lead to spam or shared data
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You can always easily unsubscribe with no strings attached
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We are bound by the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ESOMAR

What drives value from online survey participation?

By participating in short, game-like paid online surveys, prominent brands source previously unavailable consumer viewpoints while panelists collect cash payouts for providing influential perspectives from the comfort of home.
Here are a few reasons why taking online surveys make it worth your while:
  • No time frame
    No fixed scheduling allows checking sites like TGM anytime for income opportunities from shared opinions.
  • best paid survey sites
    Discovering the best paid survey websites like TGM Panel & new ways of earning
  • no experience required
    Regular individuals give views, not professionals – all backgrounds valued.
  • interests and preferences
    Numerous research topics span preferences and niches courtesy of vast corporate clients desiring unfiltered insights from everyday consumers. There's something for everyone.
  • Paid surveys at home

    Paid surveys at home aren’t hard to take, they are characterized by simplicity and ease in giving answers. Taking them usually doesn't take more than a few minutes.

  • research panels

    Even if we are already registered on one of the research panels offering paid surveys, we can still join another one. That’s a very good method as it increases our income from taken surveys.

  • opportunity

    Short basic surveys offer exclusive previews of new products prior to market release, letting you glimpse upcoming innovations.

  • Earning on surveys

    Our opinion expressed via a survey has a realistic influence on making given company’s products and services better. That is one of the reasons behind creating a survey. Earning on surveys offers us not only an income but also an actual satisfaction.

    Make your voice count with TGM Cyprus’s paid online surveys. Join our community - share quick opinions, rack up points, and redeem cash rewards!

    What is TGM Panel and how to take online and mobile surveys with its help?

    The TGM Panel page was created for all the people who:
    Are looking for an alternative source of income within the peace and quiet of their homesteads and wants to take surveys for money (you can reedem your money via PayPal, and gift cards.
    Want to earn money online in an easy way
    Are patient and resilient enough to get paid for surveys
    Like sharing their opinions with others
    Want to have an influence on the products and services available on the market
    Value ease and comfort of questions asked in online surveys for money
    Spend a lot of time using computers or smartphones
    Seek easy and nice ways of earning money onlinewhich can convert later in mobile top-up, cash via PayPal payments and gift cards (we do not send money to a bank account)
    Expect paying and stable earning portals or survey site which paid online
    Are on a holiday and would like to earn some extra cash via our website
    Would like to better use the time spent in lines, on their way to work or school or a meeting
    Often use the Internet via smartphones and visit site survey
    Know what they want and are open to new challenges
    Undecided and would like to have a choice and also - be paid online
    Are looking for a safe profit without making own financial input
    Value their time spent on taking a mobile or an online survey for cash.
    Are online and visiting surveys sites to earn money and completing surveys
    Like freedom, share own valued opinions, online survey sites and ... market research
    Want to be get paid for surveys and be sure what you can earn
    Looking for best online surveys that pay and where is easy to get paid for doing surveys
    Want to earn per survey they complete
    TGM Panel Cyprus seeks your candid perspectives. Our paid online surveys mean direct payouts for voicing much-needed feedback. Join today – provide insights, collect cash!

    Effortless Online Income? We Have Answers

    After going to our research panel you can start earning money right away.
    How to get started?
    The first step is to register at our website

    The first step is to register at our website - one of the best survey sites. Registering includes filling in your basic information, especially: your e-mail address, date of birth and gender. Please remember that the given information must be true – that will ensure an easy flow of information and earned cash. You may register at the panel website or at the respondent's portal by going to

    2nd step join best paid survey site

    The second step is to confirm your identity and registration on the website. To verify your information, you must click the link sent to you via email. Please remember to check the Promotions and Spam folder if you can’t find the activation email.

    To ensure that our emails go to your inbox and not to spam, please add to your contact list or address book.

    3rd step register at TGM Panel Cyprus
    Third, please invest a short time thoughtfully profiling your consumer habits and interests so we can precision-target ideal survey opportunities. Conscientious responding helps avoid irrelevant surveys. As thanks, you’ll gain monetary points for sharing even during enrollment. Remember to update details every 6 months for payout. Questions relate to Cyprus's goods and services.
    4th step earn on paid surveys

    Fourth, await for tailored paid survey coming straight to your inbox when aligned opportunities arise. Quick action on these exclusive notifications prevents missing potential rewards, as surveys switch inactive within days or even hours sometimes. Frequently checking email is key for catching all relevant earning chances.

    Remember that some open surveys won’t email, and messages may go astray. Visiting your portal regularly hedges against missed chances. We suggest making part of your schedule by pairing with habits like morning coffee. Checking often reveals the latest moneymaking options.

    You can also receive notifications regarding new surveys via WhatsApp and Facebook messenger apps and chrome plug-ins (so that the surveys pop-up directly on your phone or on the side of your computer screen). These options can be turned on (and equally easily turned off) in configuration settings on your personal account at the research panel

    5th step join our site

    The fifth step is taking the survey. Again, remember that the given answers need to be thought through and honest. Remember – your work with our surveys online, your input in market research ordered by various companies is very important. Based on these surveys, important decisions are made that may influence also your life. By giving honest answers when you complete surveys, there’s nothing to worry about as the paid online surveys on our panel are fully anonymous.

    After finishing a survey, we can check how much we have earned. The TGM panel offers earn cash for the taken survey in USD and points (1 pt = 1 USD). You will also receive 0.02 point for time spent if you will not qualify for the research (closed survey, full quota, different respondent profile required, etc.)

    final step make money on the internet

    The final step is the most satisfying - getting paid! Be sure to check the minimum payout threshold before requesting your earnings transfer. For TGM Panel, you must accrue at least 12.50 USD for a dollar transfer or 3 USD equivalent in points. Surveys reward either direct dollars or redeemable points (later converted to dollar) depending on the client. Once your dashboard balance passes the threshold, you can complete payment delivery details.

    More and more research panels, including TGM Panel do cash via PayPal transfers – We can later transfer the payment from the PayPal account to a regular bank account. After a few days, our money will be available at the final account.

    It is also possible to use the earned sum to top-up your phone account (if you own a top-up phone).

    The third method of cashing your payment is using Gcodes gift codes – more info at

    Sign Up for our online panel. It’s free! Earn money for each survey successfully completed!

    Before the first payment you need to confirm your phone number – you can add it to your profile.

    Isn’t that easy?

    Hop online during pockets of downtime to complete quick opinion polls for money. Buying coffee, in waiting rooms, walking the dog – our compact surveys maximize even 5 free minutes. Small insights sum to large payouts!
    Isn’t that easy?

    But Where to Take Surveys for Real Cash in Cyprus?

    Online surveys promise easy money yet seldom deliver. Designed for quick data not meaningful insight, participants’ time and input lack real value.

    Research panels invite more selective, engaged audiences. By connecting brands with invested consumers, studies reveal truth that transforms products, messaging, even strategies. In exchange, members earn incentives that respect their contributed time and validated opinions.

    Which one should I choose?

    Seek panels emphasizing simplicity and fair incentives. TGM balances easy navigation with attractive earnings - earn cash directly for timely task completion. Register now to profit from surveys and power data-driven decisions.

    Make money by taking online surveys!

    What is market research, what are research companies and what is research for?

    Market research consists in data collection and interpretation. These activities allow establishing basic market elements, including prices of goods and services, their demand and supply and consumer opinion and behavior.

    Market research also allows defining the course taken by competition. Currently, success of an enterprise depends on analysis, that make it easier to make the right decisions in business. The knowledge on market requirements and properly applied marketing strategies allow new services and products to arise.

    The key element of gathering data that gives predominance over competition, is market research.

    Such research is advisable in cases of increased risk, when important decisions about the enterprise’s actions are made. Such situations include mostly:

    • Appearance of competition that has a lot of interest among customers.
    • Planned expansion to new markets.
    • Transforming seller’s market into a buyer’s market.

    • Changes implied to a given country government’s economic politics.

    • Constant change in buyer’s requirements and a decrease in their needs.

    The main reason behind research performed by service and product enterprises, is increasing demand on offered products. The below factors are known to be helpful in getting as many customers as possible:
    • Test research
    • Price research
    • Brand research
    • Exploration research
    • Customer satisfaction research
    • Household panels

    There are many factors influencing the choice of research methods, such as the time we have for gathering the data, the size of the researched area, financial expenditure and the research objective.

    A survey (accessible on survey websites) is one of the most popular research techniques. Due to the ease of data collection and its easy analysis, it became the basic tool for marketing research.

    We distinguish a few types of surveys, which makes it easier to choose the right technique for the researched issue and aspects important for the customer. Currently, the used surveying methods include:
    Phone calls
    Radio and TV
    Handing out

    In the Internet era, online and mobile surveys efficiently reach more people and garner honest perspectives. Digital tools encourage candid sharing from diverse respondents.

    With anonymity and ease maximizing participation, web surveys provide authentic consumer insights rapidly and affordably.

    Make money by taking online surveys!

    Our Panels

    Reach global, think local – with our proprietary research panels.